Keeping your system running and protecting your home from blackouts

Need help with your generator?

Just cars, generators need to be regularly serviced for them to operate longer and optimally. Proper maintenance is necessary to ensure the optimum operation of your unit.

You can trust the team at Dynamos Power to provide you with the highest quality of care and service, always completing jobs with the highest standards.

Our maintenance crews are highly trained professionals who will help extend the life of your generator, servicing your generator professionally and to your satisfaction. We can also service generators purchased through us or from others, including:

  • Natural gas generators
  • Propane gas generators
  • Diesel backup generators
  • Generators for gas-electric or oil-electric vehicles
  • Briggs & Stratton generators
  • Residential standby generators
  • Commercial and industrial standby generators of all types

Our maintenance service will include check-ups and cleaning by a qualified professional. We will test your generator and its parts to ensure they continue to function properly.

To learn more about our maintenance services, please contact us at 951-546-9387. Discuss your standby generator needs today!